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Can employees use the brand assets for personal projects or non-work-related activities?

Brand assets are intended for official company use. An unauthorized use of brand assets for personal projects or non-work-related activities is prohibited.


What are the consequences of not following the brand creative policy?

Failure to comply with the brand creative policy may lead to facing consequences as mentioned in our Policies (hyperlink policy page for the word “Policies”)


Can vendors and partners use the brand assets in their marketing materials?

Official vendors and partners can use the brand assets provided they adhere to the clear guidelines and usage permissions mentioned in our Policies.


In the brand architecture - where do companies and initiatives fit in - cases being RiiDL, Bio-RiiDL, Help-a-child and Nareshwadi Learning Centre- will they retain their own logos?

Initiatives should be used as a co-branded system & not within the logo.


Can secondary colours be used as part of the design like blocks / bor to highlight text or as borders around images or just restricted for use in graphs and infographics?

Only restricted to used in graphs & inforgraphics


Should the logo background be white or does the entire canvas have to be white for a creative?

Background prefered to be white to balance the boldness of red.


Font Colours - only Power Red and Grey or any of the primary colours are fine? Can we use secondary colors incase of more than 2 headlines

Only Power Red and Grey to be used. Red, Grey and then Orange. No other colour can be used.